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GrAnts and Funding

Grants and Project Funding

Over $57 Million in Grants and Funding Awarded

Faraday has exceptional experience developing, writing, and winning grants for energy projects. With over $57MM in grant funding with an additional $55MM to be released to Faraday starting in 2024, we thoroughly understand the process of applying and securing financial capital.

Unprecedented success with grant funding

  • Over $57MM in grants awarded to date
  • $55MM recently awarded by the US Department of Energy and California Energy Commission

Wide range of entities supported:

  • Hospitals (Valley Children’s, Kaiser Permanente Ontario, Kaiser Permanente (Richmond)
  • Clinics (San Benito, Tamalpais)
  • Tribal groups (a Federally-Recognized Tribal Nation in Northern California)
  •  Commercial Entities (SunMaid)
  • Municipalities (Carson)


Faraday’s unrivaled capability to bring grant funding to projects can significantly reduce capital cost, improve return on investment, and provide widespread recognition for projects.

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