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Higher Education

Affordable Options for Higher Education

If you’re in charge of a higher education facility and think you’ll never be able to afford a microgrid, think again.

Thanks to their non-profit status (similar to that of Healthcare facilities), educational institutions are the ideal candidates for assistance via finance, grants, and loans. Using Faraday Microgrid’s decades of expertise advocating for its clients, we are committed to making the ownership of a microgrid an achievable goal for schools and universities alike.

Universities and colleges are some of the highest energy users in the United States, placing them in a unique position to take full advantage of the benefits of a Faraday microgrid.

Due to the amount of energy consumption taking place at higher education facilities, they are specifically tuned to capitalize on Faraday Microgrid’s three keys of sustainability.

Economic Sustainability: Colleges and universities are no different than any other business in regard to the need to efficiently reduce operating costs. The savings generated with a Faraday microgrid can provide significant positive impacts to the bottom line of your operations, allowing you to focus capital on providing the best opportunities for your students.

Environmental Sustainability: Younger generations are demanding more action to achieve the overarching goal of sustainability to protect our precious environment. Faraday microgrids are not only incredibly effective for achieving this, but are also highly visible, maximizing exposure potential for your sustainability goals. Going beyond the typical and limited ability of solar energy to impact the environment, Faraday Microgrids utilize cutting-edge technology and will engage students, professors, and community stakeholders.

Operational Sustainability: A Faraday microgrid can provide back up energy storage and power resiliency for your electrical system in the event of inevitable power outages. Furthermore, A microgrid may provide both students and faculty unique research opportunities—not just with the microgrid,the system, but with your campus energy profile as a whole.

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An Affordable Path to Clean Energy

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