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Reduce Risk and Prevent Expensive Downtime

When your power supply goes down, the clock starts ticking. How long until a minor inconvenience becomes irreversible facility turmoil?

As the hours with zero power drag on, your facility runs the risk of losses that start small but quickly escalate into expensive complications. Downed equipment leads to facility damage, supply chain disruptions, and slashed profits that can take weeks or years to recover from.

Industrial businesses rely on electricity more than just about any other business. This simple fact makes them an excellent fit for a Microgrid. Faraday Microgrids address the three critical factors that together sum up the whole that a business needs to achieve sustainability.

Operational Sustainability: When the facility is running, you’re making money. When power goes down however, not only does your profitable functioning grind to a halt, but you may also have equipment that can become damaged or even permanently destroyed as a result of power loss. The specific “islanding” function of a microgrid can allow your facility to avoid this operational hazard and to seamlessly continue operating in the event of inevitable power outages.

Economic Sustainability: The substantial energy savings and prodigious tax incentives that come with a Faraday microgrid will have significant positive effects on your bottom line, freeing up operating capital to be redirected where it belongs: your core business operations.

Environmental Sustainability: Not only is your firm’s sustainability image becoming more important, but legal changes to GHG reporting requirements are going to have significant effects on industrial businesses across the board. Publicly traded companies are going to be required to report GHG emissions that include sub-tier suppliers all the way down the supply chain. Faraday Microgrids allow your firm to stay far ahead of regulatory changes, while also substantially increasing the goodwill value of your firm as a responsible steward of the environment.

Get your FREE facility analysis and discover how Faraday can help protect you against expensive downtime. 

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