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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Backup Power in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The standards for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are rapidly changing. Beginning with the State of California now requires all SNFs to provide a minimum of 96 hours of backup power to sustain life-saving equipment and operations that are vital in a utility outage. Including, but not limited to medication dispensing units, IV and feeding pumps, HVAC, ventilators, AEDs, crash carts with defibrillators, nebulizer machines, and suction equipment.

It’s no secret: the SNF industry faces technical, space, and financial constraints bringing required backup power generation within their facilities up to compliance. That’s why Faraday Microgrids wants your journey into renewable energy to be as seamless as possible.

We understand what’s at stake when your facility loses power. Your staff and SNF residents cannot afford to be offline for hours, you simply must keep your equipment operating. 

For many the obvious answer for emergency power is using diesel generators. Whether you’re in SNF business or other commercial facility management, there are other options available to you. Microgrids in particular are cleaner, more resilient, and have unprecedented tax incentives!

What does this mean for you?

Seamless sustainable backup power; empowering your facility to provide safe and comfortable patient care, even when the utility fails.

With decades of experience in healthcare from our founder, Dr. David Bliss, Faraday has a deep understanding of both the objectives and challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

The particular constraints skilled nursing facilities are forced to operate within make them an excellent fit for the installation of a Microgrid. Faraday Microgrids target these three components of sustainability:

Economic Sustainability:

Healthcare facilities tend to operate on very tight operating budgets, which exacerbates the difficulty of providing quality care. The savings generated from a Faraday microgrid will free up significant operating capital that can be redirected where it belongs: your patient’s well-being.

Operational Sustainability:

 Providing safe, continuous care to patients is of the utmost importance. The backup power and resiliency provided by Faraday microgrids allow for the uninterrupted continuation of your facility’s operation, even in the event of inevitable power outages.

Environmental Sustainability:

As highly respected institutions in every community, Healthcare Facilities & providers are under the utmost pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Faraday microgrids meet and exceed the highest standards expected from both government agencies and also discerning stakeholders and consumers. A Faraday Microgrid is one of the most effective tools to achieve sustainable operations, helping to maintain a clean environment.

Ready to start a conversation about the benefits of microgrids to your facility? Click the link below to get your facility analyzed.

An Affordable Path to Clean Energy

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